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Its me again [Mar. 8th, 2005|02:21 am]


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First off I would like to again thank everyone for their reply to my previous questions. Sorry I hadn't properly replied.... =/ Life has been busy and a half.

I wanted to ask ya'll about Tulsa, could someone perhaphs tell me what part of Tulsa is like the "good" part, and where it starts getting "bad"? My parental units are wondering because we are looking into hotels for college weekend.


[User Picture]From: hilaryfan16
2005-03-09 04:19 am (UTC)
There are no real "bad" parts of Tulsa.

Being from the Detroit area, I have seen real ghettoes. Tulsa does not have any real ghettoes.

That being said, south Tulsa is the "nicer" part of town, and that's where ORU is. There are many hotels in south Tulsa... when my family came down for graduation last year they stayed at a hotel that was on like 71st and Memorial I think, but I don't remember what hotel it was. If you contact the ORU Admissions Office, they should be able to provide you a listing of local hotels.
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[User Picture]From: bluecupofice
2005-03-09 05:03 am (UTC)
the "bad" parts of tulsa are the north side and the west side, over the river. oru is on the south side and more of the east side. I don't even think there are hotels on the westside, it's mostly residential. just anywhere near oru should be fine.
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