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For those of you who have been at ORU or were there, who remembers… - Oral Roberts University [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 26th, 2005|06:48 am]



For those of you who have been at ORU or were there, who remembers THIS little gem?  That's right, it is the infamous ORU Slim Shady.  I cannot remember for the life of me who actually did it, but I do know they tried to kick him out for it.  I am proud to say that our floor (Dominion) was one of the primary distributors of this song when it came out.  I believe it was 2001, but I cannot be sure. 

Have fun and if you know any other info about it, feel free to share.


From: (Anonymous)
2006-03-15 12:41 am (UTC)
Please just acknowledge that there is and has consistantly been some "shady" stuff going on at ORU. I agree with you about knowing the rules before going there, but please at least acknowledge that it's not idillic and some crap does go on that's not right.
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From: singpsalms3321
2006-03-16 06:50 pm (UTC)
No doubt that there are some things that go on thats not right, but this school is still way better than a state school. There is so much garbage that goes on in state schools that just doesn't occur here either as much or not at all.
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